I Trophy Hunt

I Trophy Hunt

Trophy Hunting Advantages and Disadvantages


Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is legal sport all around the world and is very popular in the dangerous game hunting. Hunters around the world pay thousands of dollars for getting permits to hunt in the wild. The trophies acquired are priceless possessions for the hunters. Hunting wldlife such as lion, bear, elephant, rhino, boar, buffalo, leopard, and so on are common for trophies.

Buck, fish, deer, wild goat, giraffe, zebra, elk, moose, bobcat, ox, bull, and so on are also favorites for trophy hunters. Passionate hunters travel during hunting season for the trophies.

Trophy Hunting Dangerous game

Licensed outfitters arrange for the wildlife hunting for trophies. Canned hunting is also famous for breeding wildlife for hunting. Trophy hunters' primary goal is to secure the heads, hides, skin, tusks, horns, antlers, teeth, and so on of the game. The parts are cleaned and processed with chemicals for long term storage and display.

Hunting exotic mammals for trophies is a great sport for hunters. Rifles, crossbow, muzzleloader, and so on are used for trophy hunting. Sophisticated equipment and gear faciliate the trophy hunting.

If we observe the Trophy hunting facts, we can learn that the controlled and regulated activity is legal in most parts of the world. Although it looks controversial, approprite permits and licenses are available for trophy hunting. Huge revenue is generated from the trophy hunting fees which in turn is used for the conservation of wildlife and natural resources.

Special trophy hunting packages are available in Africa, Kenya, Nairobi, and so on for international hunters. Different methods such as the Safari Club International (SCI) and Rowland Ward method are used for measuring the trophies.

Trophy Hunting Advantages

Trophy Hunting Advantages

Several case studies in trophy hunting have proved that the hunting is actually beneficial for the economy and the wildlife. For example, rhinos in South Africa and Namibia, Argali in Mongolia, Bighorn sheep in the North America, and so on have resulted in heavy fees from trophy hunting. Wildlife lands and communities are being developed and regulated in Zimbabwe and Africa to facilitate trophy hunting.

The trophies are secured and the meat may be saved or discarded in trophy hunting. Hunters pay hefty fees and charges for big game trophy hunting.

Here are some of the advantages of trophy hunting.

  • Balancing the excess population
  • Money from hunting fees and permits used for wildlife and land preservation
  • Revenue generation for equipment sellers
  • Camping fees used for maintaining the land
  • Employment generation in the local hunting areas
  • Improved economy due to airline and custom charges
  • Encourage people to conserve wildlife for trophy hunting
  • Effective way of popualation control
  • Promotes tourism to remote areas

Trophy Hunting Disadvantages

Environment lovers hate trophy hunting due to the killing of the wild animals for sport. Many organizations have requested for banning trophy hunting. Especially, canned hunting is perceived as the most damaging because the animals are raised for hunting and do not possess the real tactics for running or escaping hunters. This is a disadvantage for the wildlife as they lack the skills which other naturally raised wildlife would have.

Trophy hunting is also seemed unethical because the animal is killed and the parts are exported without any regard for the hunt. Improper discarding of waste is a big problem in trophy hunting.

Here are some other disadvantages of trophy hunting:

  • Misuse of the funds meant to improve the wildlife
  • Corruption in the hunting monitoring departments
  • Lack of restrictions and guidelines for trophy hunters
  • Improper enforcement of the regulations
  • Issuing licenses to ineligible hunters or without official verification
  • Using wrong weapon to hunt other than listed on the permit
  • Poor monitoring of the trophy hunting
  • Illegal importing or exporting of the trophies
  • Employing trophy hunters just for exporting the trophies
  • Lack of proper aid for hunters when injured
  • Not killing the animal completely and leaving it to suffer in misery

Over hunting for the trophies can result in damaging the natural eco system and elimination of species.

Trophy Hunting Disadvantages

Trophy Hunting Tips

Trophy hunting can be a pleasant experience if the hunters are prepared ahead. Planning is crucial for successful trophy hunting season. Here are some tips for trophy hunting.

  • Get the required permits and licenses
  • Reserve the camping site ahead of the season
  • For international travelling, check all visa and flight details
  • Check the airlines regulations for carrying firearms
  • Make sure to know any warnings and alerts in the area
  • Check the import/export regulations of the type of trophy you carry
Trophy Hunting Tips
  • Hunt with a buddy to watch out for each other
  • Respect the rules of the area
  • Carry the carcass and dispose the waste as per the rules
  • Use reflective layers and moisture-proof/odor-proof clothing
  • Carry emergency firstaid and signaling devices
  • Report the kill as per the local laws
  • Handle the trophy in a proper manner for carrying
  • Plan the camp for activities out of the hunting times
  • Check with the outfitter for proper meat disposal